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The Nu Haven Trilogy

So what is this series about, you may wonder?

Well, here is a brief synopsis:

Nu Haven is a gripping reality show that airs twenty four hours, seven days a week. The program broadcasts the lives of teenage orphans with superhuman powers. Adah Trevino is the star of the show, but she has no idea the whole world is watching her. She believes she's the survivor of a nuclear apocalypse.

Will Harrison tunes in on a daily basis. Like millions of other males around the country, he is head-over-heels for the gorgeous star, but his attachment to Adah goes far beyond superficial attraction. The two have a past that links them together, which leads Will to suspect Adah's life is in real danger. 

He is determined to do whatever it takes to set her free, even if it means putting his own life at risk. 


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