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Nu Havoc

 The sequel to the gripping new trilogy Nu Haven is HERE!


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Nu Haven: The First Fightan exciting blend of science-fiction and romance.


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White Knight on sale!


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Abigail Richards has loved her next-door-neighbor, Nicholas Adams, since she was six years old. But Nick seems perfectly content with his role as her best friend. After what feels like an eternity of waiting on the sidelines for Abby, Nick finally confesses that he’s head-over-heels for her. Their heart-stopping romance lasts five blissful months until a terrible car accident rips everything apart. Can their teenaged love survive the heartbreak of loss and separation?

Filled with humor, love, betrayal, and loss, this emotional drama will lead Abigail to realize that sometimes hiding the truth from yourself can be as dangerous as confessing your true feelings.


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