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Young Adult Fiction Author

Raiza Denise

Writing is just something I've always done. When I was younger, I would write scripts for my younger siblings and cousins to act out in front of a video camera. Then I started writing short stories and began a few novels, but never actually finished one until a few years ago.

Now I can't stop.

I'm also an avid reader who inherited my love for books from my mother. Current favorites include YA titles: The Hunger Games trilogy (Suzanne Collins), Delirium (and the , and Divergent (Veronica Roth). Women's Fiction favorites include: Ransom (Julie Garwood), Smoke Jumper (Nicholas Evans), and almost any title by Nicholas Sparks.

Nu Haven: The First Fight

Adah Trevino is a handpicked orphan who stars as a member of the newest type of reality show. The producers of the show have assumed legal guardianship over three dozen orphans who make up the cast, and the memories of these orphans have been wiped clean of their lives prior to arriving on Superstes Island. These orphans were then genetically engineered to become a new type of being, ones with superhuman abilities from altered DNA strands injected into their bodies. These genetically engineered orphans, or GEOs as the whole world has dubbed them, are the most innovative version of reality show stars known to man. They’re glorified teens who lead a life above ordinary; lives that have captivated an international audience for ten years.

But Adah has no idea she is a contender in this reality show that airs twenty four hours a day. She thinks she is the survivor of a nuclear world war that has caused her mutated abilities.

Like millions of viewers around the world, William Harrison watches Adah Trevino every day of his life. Like millions of other males around the country, he is also head over heels for this gorgeous GEO on the show. But his attachment to Adah goes far beyond superficial attraction. Will knew Adah before she became a legendary icon. Not only does their past link them together, but Will’s father is also the network producer for the show. Through this insider connection, he begins to realize that Adah’s life is in real danger.

Suddenly, Adah’s dreams of escaping the island one day become a necessity, and Will plans on doing whatever it takes to help set her free.